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01. R&B, jazz legend Al Jarreau dies aged 76;
02. Centre-left Frank-Walter Steinmeier elected president of Germany;
03. Yale University to drop pro-slavery namesake from college;
04. Venezuela now leads US asylum requests as crisis deepens;
05. Romania protests enter 13th day with calls for government of “thieves” to resign;
06. North Korea confirms “successful” ballistic missile test;
07. U.N. air strikes in Central African Republic kill several: militia;
08. Switzerland votes to ease citizenship process;
09. Israel says will not allow former Peru president Toledo to enter;
10. WWII bomb defused in Greece; 70,000 evacuees heading home;
11. Cambodia opposition names acting leader after shock resignation;
12. Congolese music festival for peace draws tens of thousands;
13. Blockades remain as some Brazilian police return to work;
14. Famed church in Israel reopens 2 years after arson attack;
15. South Sudan general quits over “ethnic cleansing” regime;
16. Seven killed in militant battle in India’s Kashmir.

This Week in Science:


– Construction resumes on Dakota pipeline despite tribe’s challenge;
– Humans causing climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces;
– Climate change adds to pressures on endangered African penguins: study;
– Yellow fever kills 600 monkeys in Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest;
– Winter migration of monarch butterflies to Mexico drops after one-year recovery;
– Global sea ice at record low;
– EU must shut all coal plants by 2030 to meet Paris climate pledges, study says;
– Canada reintroduces bison to Banff National Park;
– Orangutan squeaks reveal language evolution, says study;
– New Zealand beached whale crisis “over”, say rescuers;
– Oldest captive fish euthanized in his mid-90s by Chicago aquarium;
– Almost 90% of new power in Europe from renewable sources in 2016.


– Astronomers just found more evidence of a new type of black hole;
– Scientists optimistic about prospects for LISA gravitational wave mission;
– Black hole meal sets record for length and size;
– SpaceX to hit fastest launch pace with new Florida site – executive;
– NASA’s Curiosity rover sharpens paradox of ancient Mars;
– SpaceX is about to send a lethal superbug into orbit;
– NASA Glenn demonstrates electronics for longer Venus surface missions;
– Mysterious white dwarf pulsar discovered.


– New York Times to offer subscribers free Spotify access;
– Sony’s latest smartphone camera sensor can shoot at 1,000fps;
– Intel will invest $7 billion to finish a factory it started in 2011;
– Device storage will get a huge capacity bump from new 512 gigabit 3D NAND chips;
– U.S. visitors may have to hand over social media passwords: DHS;
– Google Brain super-resolution image tech makes “zoom, enhance!” real;
– Sony confirms new PS4 Pro “Boost Mode” will help some older games run faster and smoother.


– Buni;
– Berkeley Mews;
– Dami Lee.

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