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Summary – 2017-03-04

The most relevant news of the day:
01. Trump administration considering separating women, children at Mexico border;
02. May tells Scottish nationalists that “politics is not a game”;
03. Macron gets presidential poll boost as Fillon crisis deepens;
04. Lavrov compares White House Russia scandal to a witch-hunt;
05. Less damage to ancient Palmyra than feared, Syrian antiquities chief says;
06. UN: Syria talks in Geneva end with clear agenda;
07. “First chemical attack” in Mosul battle injures twelve.

Summary – 2017-03-03

The most relevant news of the day:
01. Catalans prepare vote for independence from Spain;
02. Calais mayor bans distribution of food to migrants;
03. Sudan’s first PM since 1989 coup sworn in;
04. Trump administration has found only $20 million in existing funds for wall;
05. Sweden military service reintroduced “to face threats”;
06. European countries have carried out 8% of promised refugee relocations;
07. Accelerating Yemen campaign, US conducts flurry of strikes targeting al-Qaeda;
08. Ancient city of Palmyra swings back to syrian government control;
09. Al-Qaeda confirms coalition strike killed top leader in Syria.

Summary – 2017-02-22

The most relevant news of the day:
01. Hong Kong ex-leader Donald Tsang jailed for corruption;
02. South African court slaps down bid to leave ICC;
03. Second-in-command of Yemeni army, 7 soldiers killed by Houthi rebels;
04. Russian Supreme Court scraps conviction of opposition activist;
05. Iraqi Shiite militias push to take villages west of Mosul;
06. Kabul to set penalties for subculture of boy sex slaves;
07. French elections: Emmanuel Macron and François Bayrou form alliance;
08. Cyprus reunification stalled in row over 1950 vote;
09. One of world’s longest-jailed journalists released after 18 years in Uzbekistan;
10. Famine threatens lives of nearly half a million Nigerian children, says Unicef;
11. Seijun Suzuki, director who inspired Tarantino and Jarmusch, dies at 93;
12. Paris and Los Angeles tussle for 2024 Olympics after Budapest’s withdrawal;
13. Ukrainian right-wing groups stage anti-government rally in Kiev;
14. Tanzania: Clampdown on gays creates climate of hate;
15. Ecuador presidential election goes to runoff between leftist, ex-banker;
16. US has provided $315m in financing to supplier of mines accused of slave labor;
17. Trump administration rolls back protections for transgender students;
18. New Washington Post slogan: “Democracy Dies in Darkness”;
19. Russia asks energy companies for PR info ahead of election.

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