May tells Scottish nationalists that “politics is not a game”

The prime minister of the United Kingdom warned the pro-independence Scottish government on Friday that politics was not a game.

Theresa May was addressing the Scottish Conservative Party conference in Glasgow.

The UK Conservative party leader accused the Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party government of being “obsessed” with pushing for the independence of the country.

May said Sturgeon was neglecting the region’s primary needs in favor of the nation’s secession.

The UK’s head of government said nationalists play “politics as if it is a game,” at a time when she was committed to maintaining the unity of the UK ahead of its exit from the European Union.

Politics as if it is a game”

May pointed out that her first visit outside of England after she took office in July last year was to Scotland, because the UK’s unity was a priority for her.

She said the UK government could negotiate a deal with Brussels that benefited the whole country, including Scotland, whose electorate widely voted for the UK to remain in the EU in last June’s referendum.

May said there was no appetite for a second Scottish independence referendum and that the case was dismissed in Sept. 2014, when 55 percent of Scots voted to stay in the UK.

Sturgeon has insisted that a second referendum was an option in light of the change of circumstances.

A party resolutely focused on just one thing: independence.”

The UK PM, who took the helm as leader of the Conservatives from David Cameron after the Brexit referendum, was critical of the SNP and said services such as education and health had got worse under its leadership.

She said the SNP was “a party resolutely focused on just one thing: independence.”

In response to May’s comments, Sturgeon said the Tory government did not have a mandate in Scotland nor a democratic basis to take it out of the EU and the single market.

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